Advertising & Big Words!

Recently a fellow advertiser launched a campaign on a relatively known gaming engine. A lot of other similar stuff is already made in the digital world with a lot of successful games on similar mechanics! The execution was not bad but was really basic and in my personal opinion, there was a lot of room for improvement that could have made the game playable on regular basis.

I would have ignored it by assuming an average attempt and would have moved on to be more critical about other things in life but then the line used to share that app caught my attention… “Very Innovative… leading global…” and so on and so on! While reading that extremely complex big word statement, I told myself, when will we learn to be humble, grounded and realistic about showcasing ourselves, when will this fake attire of using/abusing big words in advertising will go. I will share some of these BIG BIG words here and will hope someone will read, understand and realize how stupid they look when they use these big words so much that they lose its meaning while coming from them:


This word was initially abused a lot by Client’s who thought they knew advertising but then later a lot of agencies started using it when they thought they knew advertising. Every now and then, some old school client will write this in their brief which will talk about 10 different things as USP and they will expect the agency to come up with something creative. Sorry! Not happening, bad brief means bad campaign and as advertisers, it’s our fault too that we don’t help client’s to build a proper brief. So, please!


There is no thin line between a “Me Too” and Innovative brand. For example, pooling car has been done for decades but Uber was innovative and also local cabs have been around for ages but Metro Cab is innovative. But mind it, “Karachi Cab” is a “me too”, not innovation. We constantly redo the idea and call it an innovation.

In creative aspects, all ads with weddings and mom crying and further situations are “Me Too” but Dostea is innovative, loved their way of using the guy liking girl and then getting married stage and showing bonds, wits, giggles and funny twists. THAT is innovation in creativity.


A lot of agencies are re-engineering ideas on a timely basis and introduce them as creative ideas. I am not talking about “adaptations” of global clients as those are already creativity killers on a massive level. But a recent streak of Pakistan’s top agency that brought some huge WOW ads in 2015 had similar situations in all of their ads for examples, a mother doing something for her son, a wedding scene in which bride is worried and the product becomes champion, businessman stuck and other similar and “done to death” situations. I am sorry, they were not creative even they looked same at times if you mute and see some shots in a college.


Oh! THIS WORD!! I believe most misused, abused and raped word of advertising. Where most clients think that increasing size of their brand/product logo will make the communication exciting! I remember back in my tobacco era, there was a brand manager for a paint company who used to come to meet his team in the place I used to work and I always used to hear his screams about “WHERE IS MY LOGO!” to his account team. One day when I came back from a regional meeting I brought an ad of my product which was made in other country, a minute-long ad with just strong reinforcement of my brand’s personification and subtle way of its usage (as it was tobacco) in most rugged way to make it most masculine and I shared that ad with that Brand Manager. He saw the ad and was like “Oh my Lord! This is beautiful! I wonder when will OUR agencies create such amazing ads” on that I responded “Oh I know when! When our Brand Managers will stop yelling at us to increase the size of their brand logo to make the visual ugly!!”


Another big word! Abused by both Clients and Agencies! In Pakistan, there is absolutely no advertising clutter. I mean Come On! Most brands have 3 – 4 competitors or max 5, unlike China, USA or India, where there is proper clutter. Fine I take it that clutter can be taken as too many ads being seen on TV and a consumer won’t be able to remember anything that goes with the flow. But with segmentation of TG watching channels and with ample time over the internet. I personally think this word is abused a lot in Pakistani advertising.

I will pause on my rant for this moment as my list of words can go on and on and the lengthier this thought will be, the boring it will become. So I will ask you! What other words you think are misused and abused in our world!